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My Favorite Pet Sitting App

I started my pet sitting business on a shoestring, and on paper. It was what I needed to do at the time to test the waters and see if I really wanted to dedicate time to this type of business. I had tried to start other businesses, but after the fun part of coming up with a cute name and designing a logo, I got bored and gave up.

Having paper files for all my clients got pretty complicated right from the start. I had a two page client form for basic information. I also had a page for veterinarian use. Then some more papers for scheduling visits. I also tried some “report cards” to leave with the client after the visit. It was so complicated and probably looked pretty unprofessional.

My life became glorious when I stumbled across Time To Pet.

I am confident in how I run my business with this pet sitting software. I look so professional to clients with the level of technology they can use. They put a free app on their phone and can schedule their visits, see photos and reports from each and every visit, and pay their invoice. Then Time To Pet channels those payments through WePay and voila, there is my money in my checking account. It’s so slick! I almost enjoy using the software more than actual pet visits.

I’ll be able to add employees onto their own Time To Pet account in the future so they can see their individual schedule, etc. for a nominal monthly usage fee. Time To Pet has support for me as well as my clients all at a moment’s notice. There’s even a course for beginning pet sitting businesses to learn the software. I was grateful that the Time To Pet system answered many of my questions on how to configure my business right from the start. I almost wish I could go back and start all over again, but now I’m familiar with the software and know that I’m growing fast and big because of how easy and helpful it is.

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It really couldn’t be any easier

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