Why Be a Pet Sitter?

A hard day at work

This is the best job I’ve ever had!

I’ve had some pretty interesting jobs but they were just jobs at the end of the day. Being a pet sitter is sooo much better. Here’s why.

Three years ago I had no income and was living off my parents’ inheritance money. With myself and two mid-twenties daughters to support, I was getting very desperate. So during one of my lengthy online search sessions I decided to search “jobs for lazy people”. One of the listings was pet sitting. Well, we were kinda lazy, we had dogs and cats, we didn’t like talking to people all day, and we wanted to work from home.

As I look back now I see that we have a pretty good amount of free time during each day. We have added to our own family of pets as well as have so many beautiful and loving pets to visit. And owning our own business is the best thing in the world. I still feel a little lazy sometimes when I think of others going to work early in the morning and not coming home until dinner time. But, making two to three times more income than I could at an hourly job makes me feel like I’ve accomplished a great deal.

So as I walk one of my favorite dog clients as I’m listening to relaxing music while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery, I have to admit that being a pet sitter is the best job I could ever have stumbled into.

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